2015 Coupon Distribution and Redemption

Between Village of Oak Park grant writing and Shawnash fundraising it appears the Double Value Coupon Program will be fully funded through the last 2015 Farmer Farmers’ Market Session. Actual figures for distribution and redemption of coupons are displayed below. They summarize weekly transactions at the market.

By way of comparison the numbers and trends for 2014 are published below.

There are three components for 2015 funding for the Double Value Coupon:

  • Funds brought forward from 2015
  • Village Grants for 2015
  • Contributions for DVCP through Shawnash

This graph shows the most recently reported distribution of coupons shown above compared with available funding:

The possibility of channeling excess Shawnash funds raised for DVCP into the purchase of produce from local growers for food pantry grants appears to leave the Oak Park Farmers’ Market with a healthy margin for 2015.

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