2017 Annual Benefit

Thanks to all those who came to support the Shawnash Institute during our third annual wine tasting and fundraiser on the eve of the Farmer’s Marketing opening in May.

This celebrates making healthy, local vegetables, fruits, meats and cheeses available to all.

See photos from the event below.


2 Comments on “2017 Annual Benefit

  1. Hello-
    Today we got to take advantage of your wonderful program but I have to tell you, accepting food stamps into our lives carries a gigantic stigma and so, we approached the whole business with cash in our pockets just in case it got too embarrassing. Most everyone we know goes to the Farmers Market. Nobody knows we’re on public aid.

    Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch. We got corn and peaches and dollars to spend next time which is amazing-the only thing in which there could be some improvement-was the woman running the machine that debits the link card. I mean was it necessary to announce so loudly that we were using a link card? Some discretion would have been deeply appreciated.

    Just some feedback from a grateful program participant.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree with our. I passed it on to market manager.

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