2018 Annual Benefit

Our annual fundraiser to celebrate the opening of the Oak Park Farmers’ Market was a great success. For the first time, we held the party at the Oak Park River Forest History Museum. With so much rich history… Read More

Double Value Coupon in the News

Board President Warren Bakker, Secretary Treasure John Owens and Board member Betsy Kelly met with the press on Saturday, October 10th at the Farmers’ Market. In an interview amid LINK card transactions they discussed the history and impact of the Double… Read More

2015 Coupon Distribution and Redemption

Between Village of Oak Park grant writing and Shawnash fundraising it appears the Double Value Coupon Program will be fully funded through the last 2015 Farmer Farmers’ Market Session. Actual figures for distribution and redemption of coupons are… Read More

How to Volunteer

Food Pantry Chats There are many ways to help Shawnash spread the word about Double Value Coupons and to raise funding to help support the program. Twice a week volunteers are needed to explain the Double Value Coupon… Read More

Shawnash Story

The Shawnash Institute became involved with the Double Value Coupon Program (DVCP) at the Oak Park Farmers’ Market in the summer of 2014. The idea of making fresh produce available to those with less access has been evolving… Read More

Our Double Value Coupon Program

In 2014 Shawnash fundraising and outreach to LINK card holders was responsible for better nutrition for economically stressed and more income for growers. The promotion of the program and the extra buying power, in many cases, has been the… Read More