Community Garden Diary

Each week donations and harvest are weighed and the totals are logged in a spreadsheet that is distributed to all the gardeners and interested parishioners. Years 2012 through 2014 are recorded. In May entries for the running total for 2015 will begin to be recorded.


Susan Fleming turned our plan into a diagram that was mostly followed.
Our towering tomato cages are unique in all of agriculture.
Radishes are one of our early crops.
Radishes are one of our early crops.

Through the spring and summer many different gardeners water and harvest our garden. Parishioners contribute from their home gardens. The harvest and contributions all go to the food pantry of our sharing parish, St. Martin De Porres.


In April and May, the beds receive fresh compost and some are planted with cool weather crops of peas and turnips. Every spring the our gardeners are invited to a blessing of seeds, tools and gardeners. 2014 was our 5th spring blessing, all of them officiated by Deacon Roger Vandervest.

Gathered around the statue of St. Francis.
Gathered around the statue of St. Francis.

The second or third annual Seedling Saturday was held in Ascension School’s Pine Room. New gardeners and experienced gardeners started cultivating their gardens indoors. Many of these seedlings will be sold to parishioners later in May¬†on Seedling Sunday, between Masses to raise money for the Community garden.




On Saturday, March 15th, the Ascension Community Garden Planning Committee decided on the following garden configuration for 2014.

The schematic of our raised beds below is numbered for clarity. Bed (and pot) assignments are as follows:

Bed Numbered
Raised Bed Schema
  • For our 4 pots, trellis teepees will be erected for cucumbers. Donations of bamboo poles for construction are welcome.
  • Bed 1 will be cherry tomatoes interspersed with leaf lettuce.
  • Bed 2 will be turnips with no other plantings.
  • Bed 3 will be Swiss chard with radishes interspersed.
  • Bed 4 will be a medium tomato selection interspersed with shelling peas.
  • Bed 5 will be green beans interspersed with shelling peas.
  • Bed 6 will be leeks with no other plantings.
  • Bed 7 will have broccoli planted on the perimeter with rows of okra growing inside.
  • Bed 8 will be a large tomato selection interspersed with leaf lettuce.
  • Bed 9 will be green beans interspersed with shelling peas.
  • Bed 10 will be collard greens.
  • Bed 11 will be sweet peppers with radishes interspersed.
  • Summer squash (zucchini) will be planted in our scrub patch. Donated plants can also be transplanted into the scrub patch as space allows.

Because of their proximity to our hose, beds 1, 2 and 3 are designated for the soaker hose installation project. Pete Sluka offered to donate a plastic industrial 50 gallon barrel for project.

Ascension Garden Planners
Ascension Garden Planners

John Owens will contact the Village to find out about the availability of compost for the beds and wood chips for the spaces between the beds. We are also collaborating with our Hatch Patch contact, parishioner Cathi Knickrehn, about possibly acquiring compost through Growing Power again this year.Frame Maintenance – Clem noted exteriors of all the beds, particularly the below ground areas need an application of linseed oil early in the season. Also bed 2 has a split post that needs repair or replacement.


The harvested garden rest under a blanket of snow in the winter of 2013 – 14.


Snow, snow . . .
and more snow!
and more snow!
Spring thaw
Spring thaw




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