Healthy food is fuel for a radiant life. Everyone deserves access to an array of enriching fruits and vegetables. This is especially true for children who need a steady stream of vital nutrients to reach their full potential. That’s why the Shawnash Institute works to help families and individuals who are food insecure to shop at surrounding farmers’ markets. Not only are farmers’ markets a source of life-giving food, they are vibrant places to experience community. Our aim is to feed people and to warm hearts.   

How Shawnash Helps

We provide support in two ways. We offer “Matching Value Coupons” that match Link card money up to $25 on any given day at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market. We also distribute coupons that serve as the same as cash.  To get the coupons into the hands of people who need them, we partner with nonprofit agencies in Oak Park and surrounding areas that serve food insecure people in our community. We feel that organizations who are working tirelessly everyday to care for the most vulnerable among us are best positioned to make sure the right people receive the help they need. If you are involved with an agency with clients who could use coupons, please reach out to us.

How We Raise Money

Shawnash Institute receives support from generous individuals and congregations concerned with hunger issues, a bake sale and an annual fundraiser. This year, Shawnash plans a celebration at the peak of the Oak Park Farmers’ Market. The event will feature fresh meat, cheeses, fruit and vegetables purchased that day from the Oak Park Farmers’ market. While guests dine on a bounty of the best nature has to offer, they will learn more about the farmers who grew the food.    

How You Can Get Involved

We need your help. First, and most importantly, we need you to spread the word. Now that you know what Shawnash does, tell someone. Tell someone who needs coupons or someone who can help distribute them to the right people. You can also make a donation. Your donation will go directly towards helping someone who is food insecure to purchase fruits and vegetables at a farmers’ market. You can also reach out to us to request information about our upcoming benefit.